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Sunnies For The Win

From top to bottom: 'MODERN LOVE' in Black, 'TELL ME WHY' in Rose Gold and 'ASHA' in Gold/Pink. Hey guys! Sum...

From top to bottom: 'MODERN LOVE' in Black, 'TELL ME WHY' in Rose Gold and 'ASHA' in Gold/Pink.

Hey guys!

Summer is here and most of you are probably spending your time in the sun, on the beach, on holiday,... . It's very important to protect your eyes when the sun is shining so please put on your sunglasses. Sunglasses have multiple benefits. They protect your eyes against UV rays, skin cancer (Did you know that the eyelid region is the most common place for skin cancers?!) and you can't deny this but sunglasses look very stylish.

Today I wanna talk about my favorite sunglasses brand: QUAY AUSTRALIA!!!!!
If you're looking for a nice pair of sunnies that are not too expensive, this is the place to go. Their high quality sunglasses do the job. I, myself, own 3 pairs and I do not regret buying them, in fact I recommend you all to try them out. You can buy them online or find them in your local Topshop. (I am wearing 'TELL ME WHY' in Rose Gold in the picture.)

Some of the places where you can buy them online:

1. Website of Quay Australia
2. Asos
3. Topshop

If you want to check Quay Australia out:
Instagram: @quayaustralia
Website: http://www.quayaustralia.com/
Twitter: @quayaustralia

!!! WARNING: I live in Belgium and due to the tax policy, I had to pay taxes once on my sunglasses because they came from Australia. So keep that in mind if your country has a similar tax policy.  You don't always have to pay, but sometimes your package can be picked out and then bad luck is on your side. But please don't let that stop you from buying them. This is not sponsored, but it's just me giving you my opinion about this brand that I deeply love.

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost!
- xo Hanne
Instagram: @Itshxnne
Blog Instagram: @VanityFlows


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